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Motor Lawyers


Motoring Lawyers

Motor Lawyers

Motor Lawyers

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Motor Lawyers is different to other services as it is run by a Barrister.

Barristers receive instructions from both Motor & Motoring Solicitors.

They also get instructions from members of the public.

The deliver directly specialist advocacy.

As a legal advice provider we can appear on your behalf at court for matters ranging from drink drive to speeding offences.

Motoring law applies to every driver, so you want to ensure that you are represented by experienced Motor Lawyers. Motor Solicitors will often prepare instructions for you to be given to Motor Lawyers or you can  provide Motor Law instructions for your Motor matter directly yourself.

You may have received a notice of intended prosecution or have a motoring hearing coming up, Motor Lawyers can help you with your Motoring matters for an affordable price.

Motor Legal Advice

If you wish to access legal advice from a Barrister, we can arrange this for you for a reasonable price.

Motoring Representation across England & Wales at your hearing

We will attend magistrates court hearings across England and Wales upon agreement of terms.

Mitigation Letter: Motor Law

We can also draft a letter for you to present to the Magistrates court setting out your mitigation if you have chosen to plead guilty to an offence.

Motor Lawyers is a trading style

We do have access to a network of Lawyers and the reference to ‘we’ relates to this and supporting administrative contractor.

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Motor Lawyers

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